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Adding Value to Others

I'm always looking for ways to add value to those in my network. It is extremely rewarding to do something for someone unsolicited and not seek anything in return. A recent post (Always Go To the Funeral) on NPR reminded me that, during the regular course of our daily lives, we may not have many opportunities to be a superhero. However, with just a little extra time, attention, and effort, we can have a huge cumulative impact on those around us.

Here are a few things that I do regularly to add value to others. They cost nothing and provide the giver with a shot of oxytocin.

1. Introduce others. Silly. Simplistic, yet unbelievably effective. There is an uncanny power in bringing people together. As long as they know each other, they will have you in common. 
Introducing people in your network to one another is fraught with pitfalls and there are certainly ways to do it correctly. A few of the best I've read are from The Art of Manliness blog and The Double Opt In Introduction on m…

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