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So we decided to go haircuts today. Carter says everyday he needs his cut because it's touching his ears. Ok. Let's go...everyone gets a trim. The woman cutting Lena's hair kept complimenting her on her gorgeous color and length. Lena asked me if it was ok to donate her hair to help people who didn't have any. She immediately thought of our beautiful young neighbor going through cancer treatments and went as far as to offer up her uncles services to make her a special wig. Her innocence and thoughtfulness today moved me beyond words. After taking the time to explain the process of hair donation and how a special organization would make something perfect for whoever needed it most. .. Lena looked at the hairdresser and said 'chop chop'. 8 inches of beautiful red hair will be donated today to someone in need from a beautiful, smart, generous 6 year old. We are so proud of you Lena!!!


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